Replacing Your Air Conditioner? Evaluate These 6 Features

Replacing Your Air Conditioner? Evaluate These 6 Features, In Addition To The SEER Rating

May 15, 2012

Your air conditioner may be the hardest-working appliance in your home. When you need to replace it, you’ll want to get the most for your money for both its acquisition and, more importantly, its operational costs over the long-term. These appliances are a necessity in central Florida, so choosing the right one for your home and lifestyle makes a difference in your comfort and your monthly electric bills.

SEER is short for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and it’s used for central systems. The minimum SEER for new units is 13 and anything higher indicates better efficiency. The six features that increase your comfort and may increase the SEER rating include:

  • Variable-speed air handler: Besides increasing the SEER rating, a variable-speed motor inside your air handler lowers your electric bill and removes more humidity from the air. These motors run more slowly for longer periods, giving them a chance to distribute the cooled air more evenly throughout the home.
  • Sound levels: The outdoor compressor and indoor air handler create noise. Each has a decibel rating that can help you choose a system based on your ability to tolerate noise. Consider a variable-speed air handler for the quietest operation of an air conditioner.
  • Fan only: A setting that allows you to run the fan after the compressor turns off circulates the rest of the conditioned air in the ducts. Running the fan continually also removes more airborne dust and helps your home feel better, since circulating air feels cooler.
  • Fan delay switch: In lieu of running the fan constantly, these switches keep the fan running for a short period after the compressor turns off, evacuating the conditioned air.
  • Filter light: A light comes on when your filter needs cleaning, helping you keep this all-important part of an air conditioner clean, lowering your cooling costs and increasing the system life.
  • Thermal expansion valve: Choose a system with a thermal expansion valve with a rating over 11.6.

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