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Why You Should Care for Your Heater in the Summer

Taking care of your heater might not seem like something you need to do during summer, especially in the Orlando area. However, there are a few important reasons to have maintenance done on your heating system, even when it’s hot out. Find out more about why you...
Protect Your HVAC Unit From Fallen Leaves

Protect Your HVAC Unit From Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves are a sign of changing seasons as well as an outdoor chore waiting to be attacked with a rake. However, did you know that fallen leaves may also present problems for your HVAC system? While the furnace and indoor components aren’t affected, the outdoor...

Tips to Babyproof Your HVAC Unit

The insatiable curiosity of the young, along with a few hazards associated with the HVAC system, are both good reasons to babyproof your HVAC system. The registers or air vents indoors and the outdoor condenser could be harmful to your child, and fortunately, they’re...

HVAC System Upgrades to Consider

If your air conditioner isn’t performing as it should, it may have you wondering if it’s time for HVAC system upgrades or to find and fix the root of the problem. In some situations, you might be able to improve your comfort by investing in energy efficient...