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Why is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

By Bobby Rinaldi

AC units today operate at under 55 decibels, making them quiet and unbothersome as they cool your home. If your unit is making squealing, humming,…

Solving Common A/C Condensate Drain Problems

By Bobby Rinaldi

Several common problems can occur in condensate drains, impairing their proper function. Most commonly, an A/C drain problem will result in mold growth and water…

Why is My AC Unit Not Turning On?

By Bobby Rinaldi

If your AC will not turn on it could be caused by built-up ice, a wiring issue, low refrigerant levels, a dirty air filter and…

How to Get Rid of HVAC Odors

By Bobby Rinaldi

You rely on your HVAC system to make your home a comfortable haven. If your conditioned air suddenly has an odd or unpleasant smell, your…

What does R Value Mean in Insulation?

By Bobby Rinaldi

No matter where you live, whether it’s in Florida or Alaska, your home will be the most comfortable if you have the right amount of…

Soundproof Your HVAC: No More HVAC Noise

By Bobby Rinaldi

When the summer heat and humidity settle in and your cooling system is running day and night, you don't want to have to deal with…

Best Proven Methods to Check for an HVAC Leak

By Bobby Rinaldi

When an HVAC system is functioning properly, its refrigerant level shouldn't drop. That's because the refrigerant isn't consumed or used up – it simply circulates…