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The Rinaldi's Blog

by Scott Hudson, Vice-President

Space Heater Safety Tips

A space heater can warm up a chilly spot in the house, but is it safe? About 25,000 home fires every year in the U.S. are attributed to space heaters. In the overwhelming majority, careless or improper usage is a major factor. In a home with central heat, a fully...

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Summer Attic Safety Tips

During the summer season, the idea of attic safety takes on a whole new meaning thanks to the rising temperatures. Luckily, you can stay safe by following a few simple tips, which we've outlined below: Remember That Clothing Matters To protect yourself from cuts,...

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Dealing with Moisture Around A/C Vents

Dealing with Moisture Around A/C Vents

The appearance of vent moisture around the HVAC system supply vents in one or more rooms may be unexplained but it is not uncommon. The vents may simply feel damp to the touch or they may actually be dripping water. In certain cases, dark stains may appear on the wall...

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How Does Water Quality Affect Your HVAC?

If there is an issue with your home's water supply, you'd naturally expect it to affect the taste and quality of your drinking water. You may not realize that water quality can also impact certain household systems, equipment and appliances, like the plumbing, water...

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A/C Camping Essentials

Don’t let the overwhelming heat of a southeastern summer keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. There is now a good selection of HVAC essentials to keep you cool inside your tent. Several types of air conditioning systems are suitable for cooling tents. One is a...

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