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The Rinaldi's Blog

by Scott Hudson, Vice-President

Ventilation Needs for Bathrooms

Most residential building codes for new homes now mandate adequate bathroom ventilation by a powered exhaust fan. However, if your house was built before 2003, a bathroom window that could be opened by hand may have been the only venting requirement. There are good...

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Dryer Ventilation and Your Safety

When it comes to home safety, dryer ventilation is often overlooked because it’s largely out of sight. Giving it the attention it requires all but eliminates problems associated with drying clothes and the risks that this appliance poses. What Dryers Require Dryers...

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Keep Children Safe: HVAC Safety Tips

Childproofing homes usually involves covering outlets, keeping household cleaners out of reach and taking other steps to keep children as safe as possible. One area that you might overlook is your HVAC system and its components. Find out how to reduce the risk of...

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Which HVAC Costs Should You Splurge On

When you’re in the process of replacing your existing cooling and heating system, the HVAC costs for the equipment are likely to be your first consideration. Unlike other upgrades or appliances for your home, however, the cost of a new HVAC system typically translates...

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Zoning Systems: What to Consider

Particularly if you have a large house, making your home comfortable can be a difficult task. Upstairs is a sauna, while the basement is freezing. You may have thought about investing in a zoning system, to ensure each section gets the heating and cooling it needs....

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Do You Treat HVAC Inspections Seriously?

Do you look at HVAC preventative maintenance as optional -- that is, something you can schedule every few years, when the mood hits you? You could be courting an HVAC breakdown unless you're faithfully scheduling an HVAC inspection every spring and fall. Why You Need...

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When to Prep Your HVAC for Summer

With temperatures already heating up in the Orlando area, this is a good time to focus on summer HVAC prep. Since you’re likely to need your air conditioning during spring as well, you should be taking steps to make sure that your HVAC system is ready to use. Keep the...

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HVAC 101: How Thermostats Work

You might mistakenly think that your thermostat isn't an important HVAC component because of its size. In reality, it's the thermostat that controls your entire HVAC system, so it can affect the equipment's performance, energy consumption and your comfort. This makes...

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