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Natural Remedies for Reducing Humidity in Your Home

Natural Remedies for Reducing Humidity in Your Home

Florida is just a humid place, and regardless of how hard you try, that humidity is going to get inside your home. High humidity is a negative factor in a home for several reasons: Makes the air feel warmer and people feel clammy so it’s necessary to turn down...

Prevent Buildup in a Humidifier

Even in Orlando’s relatively humid climate, dry indoor air can still be an issue for many homeowners. Not only can a relative lack of humidity lead to dry, itchy skin and sinus irritation, but prolonged dryness can also cause cracks in paint and wooden furniture. It...
Controlling the “Feels Like” Temperature in Your Home

Controlling the “Feels Like” Temperature in Your Home

Does your home often feel too chilly or warm when you’re running the HVAC system, but when you check the thermostat reading, it’s displaying what should be a comfortable temperature? The discrepancy you’re experiencing between the actual and...

How Can You Tell If Your Home Has a Humidity Problem?

Indoor humidity levels affect air quality, and too much or too little moisture in the air can also affect items within the home and the home’s structure itself. To protect your home, as well as your health, you should keep humidity balanced and under control. Here are...

Here’s How to Reduce Humidity in Your Florida Home This Summer

Besides making a hot summer day feel even worse, high humidity in your Florida home can lead to mold growth, water damage and insect infestations. There are many things you can do around your home to reduce humidity and create a comfortable and healthy environment....

Simple Ways to Decalcify Your Humidifier

The beginning of winter weather also signals the arrival of cooler and drier air. A significant drop in relative humidity can cause a host of problems for you and your Orlando home, including dry, itchy skin, damaged wood furnishings and higher utility bills. While a...
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