How Changing Filters Boosts Your Furnace Efficiency

Changing Your Filters Could Be The Key To Boosting Furnace Efficiency

Nov 1, 2011

If you have had problems achieving the efficiency you are accustomed to from your furnace, it could be because you haven’t been replacing its filters as regularly as you should. Skipping this step can cause your energy consumption to rise, and decrease the quality of your indoor air.

If you allow pollutants to accumulate on your filter, they will amass to form a thick mat that air can’t easily pass through. Your system will have to use more energy than should be necessary just to push the air through, boosting your energy costs. This stronger gush of air can often cause some of the previously captured pollutants to be forced out of the filter and get circulated through you home.

Dust mites, dander, pollen and mold spores can infest your home’s air, causing health problems, especially for household members who have respiratory problems. Bypass leakage may also occur where the air makes its way through around the filters, without the pollutants getting caught.

Furnace filters’ efficiency is measured by MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). A higher MERV indicates that a filter is better at capturing all sizes of particles. But even if you spend the extra money to get a highly rated filter, it won’t mean better air quality if you don’t replace them regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure you are getting high-quality air.

You also can use washable, replaceable filters as an alternative to those that need to be replaced.

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