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Light up your property cost-efficiently with our outdoor LED lighting systems. Our specific lights have been shown to consume a maximum of 90% less electrical energy than other systems available on the market. This makes for the same beautiful aesthetic at a fraction of the price.

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Lighting Products

LED Round High Bay Fixtures

LED Shoe Box Fixtures

LED Wall Packs

T5 Killer LED Linear High Bay

Bull Horns, Mounts, & Tenons


Our outdoor lighting systems use semiconductor material, rather than the neon gas or a filament. This means that all it takes is a small LED chip to light up a large amount of your outdoor area for long periods of time. We’ve removed all of the fragile parts of traditional light bulbs, so ours can withstand vibration, shock, and the extreme weather that Florida is known for. They also put off almost no heat, so they’re safe to touch and greatly reduce potential safety hazards such as fires and burns.

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We’ve made our bulb consume the least amount of power possible, greatly reducing your energy cost and lowering your footprint on your environment. This is all without sacrificing any of the power, strength, and durability that you expect from an outdoor bulb. Our outdoor lighting systems are made from non-poisonous materials, unlike other bulbs that use mercury that may pose a hazard to the environment. Our LED lights are also recyclable and eco-friendly.

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LED Shoe Box Fixtures

60W LED Shoebox Parking Lot Head

100W LED Shoebox Parking Lot Head

150W LED Next-Gen Shoebox Parking Lot Head

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Wall Packs

Standard Wall Pack

Full Cut Wall Pack

Entry Point Wall Pack

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LED Round High Bay Fixtures

100W LED 3rd Generation Round High Bay Fixture

150W LED 3rd Generation Round High Bay Fixture

100W LED Round High Bay Fixture Dimmable

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Linear High Bay

120W LED – T5 Killer Linear High Bay Fixture

225W LED – T5 Killer Linear High Bay Fixture

320W LED – T5 Killer Linear High Bay Fixture

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Energy-Efficient Products

We only use the most efficient lighting products to get your workspace running as affordably as possible. Maximize your profits by utilizing the longest-lasting lighting systems on the market.


We only offer the best and longest-lasting LED lights so you don’t have to worry about high energy costs or constantly replacing the bulbs.

On average, our lights last

times longer than

other LED lights

times longer than

traditional lights

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