Adding to Your Home? Here Are Some Cooling Options to Consider

Adding to Your Home? Here Are Some Cooling Options to Consider

Jul 9, 2015

When you are expanding the size of your Orlando home with an addition, one of the many things you will have to consider is its cooling needs. Several cooling options are available for your new home addition, depending on the size of the addition and the condition of your current cooling system.

Expanding Your Current System

It is possible that your current cooling system could supply the new addition, if it has enough capacity. When the addition is close to the main supply duct of the current system, this may be the simplest option, as it only requires running new ducts to the additional rooms. With a bit of extra work, the addition could be set up as a separate zone, allowing you to adjust its temperature independently from the rest of the home. If your current system is more than 10 years old, however, it may be beneficial to upgrade to a newer, more efficient system.

Upgrading to a New System

When your system is over 10 years old or it lacks sufficient cooling capacity for the addition, installing a new system is a better option than expanding the old one. Older systems can be 20 percent less efficient, and if you opt for a high efficiency system, you may be able to cool your home plus the addition for about the same as you are currently paying. Like expanding the original system, upgrading your system will also require new ducts to be run to the addition.

Installing an Independent System

Another option for cooling your new home addition is to install an independent system, such as a ductless mini split. Unlike other options, ductless systems require a minimal amount of installation work because there are no traditional ducts. Instead, the indoor unit is connected to the outdoor condenser and compressor unit through a small two or three inch pipe that goes through the wall. Many ductless systems are also capable of providing heat during the winter.

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