How to Fix a Dirty AC Filter: Causes, Solutions, & Tips
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How Can a Dirty Filter Cause Water Leaks in Your Furnace?

Sep 29, 2020

Air filters are designed to protect HVAC systems from particles and microorganisms in household air. They’re only able to accomplish this job for a set amount of time before it starts getting too dirty.

Once a filter becomes clogged, it can’t do its job properly and can actually harm your HVAC system. This damage comes from the lack of airflow that’s able to make it through a clogged air filter.

Dirty Air Filters

A dirty air filter can restrict airflow to your furnace blower, causing several problems related to performance, efficiency, comfort and water leaks. These issues can be costly if they’re left too long.

Problems with a dirty air filter in cooling mode

When your air filter isn’t allowing enough cool air to pass through, this air can get trapped on the filter itself and create small ice crystals. Over time, these will become condensation that will begin to melt and leak over your floors and expensive A/C units.

This type of issue is especially important for Central Florida air conditioning units because we’re using our cooling feature much more often than our heating feature.

The leaking of a blocked air filter can cause serious issues if left unfixed, such as:

  • Rusting of HVAC equipment
  • Breakdowns or complete failure of HVAC systems
  • Water damage of floors or walls

Problems with a dirty air filter in heating mode

Blockage of an air filter when in heating mode creates a significantly hotter room than is intended. This causes your unit to often overheat and completely shut down. Once it cools down, it will eventually restart, but this cycle of starting and stopping will continue until the air filter is cleaned.

Preventive Maintenance

A furnace connected to a central air unit has an evaporator coil attached to it. This is the normal configuration, but water damage, such as rust, corrosion and water stains, can occur if the evaporator coil isn’t well maintained. Make sure you schedule preventive maintenance each year with your HVAC professional to keep your A/C and furnace in tip-top shape.

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