Your Spring To-Do List: Is Duct Cleaning On It?

Your Spring To-Do List: Is Duct Cleaning On It?

Apr 10, 2012

Your home is the place where your family spends the most time, so you want to ensure that it is clean and safe. That includes the air. Since threats like mold, dust and bacteria can work their way into your home via the ductwork, it’s important that they are cleaned by experienced professionals when necessary.

Duct cleaning is typically recommended if:

  • You can see mold in your ductwork or on its components.
  • Rodents, insects or other intruders have taken up residence in the ducts.
  • Your ductwork is loaded with heavy amounts of dust or debris.

During a duct cleaning, these components should be checked:

  • The fan housing and motor.
  • The condensate drain pans.
  • The air handling unit housing.
  • The heat exchangers’ heat and cooling coils.
  • The supply and return air duct and registers.

Decontaminating Your System

If you decide to contact a contractor about having your ducts clean, first check that s/he is qualified for the job. Missing even one component during the decontamination process can lead to recontamination if mold is the problem, making the initial cleaning a waste of time. Many techniques exist to clean ducts, including chemical biocides. These chemicals as made to kill microbial contaminants within the duct system. After researching your cleaning options, talk them over with your contractor.

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