It Could Be Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring

It Could Be Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring

Feb 15, 2017

It Could Be Time to Upgrade Your Electrical WiringThe demand for electricity in your house has almost certainly evolved over the years while the electrical wiring inside your walls probably hasn’t. Every new electrical device or high-tech convenience added to your home also adds to the load your wiring has to carry.

Houses built just 25 years ago typically came with an electrical panel and wiring rated for only 60 to 100 amps. Today, the standard is 150 amps and many new houses are wired for far more.

To keep up with this increasing demand–as well as maintain safety and reliability–it may be time to consider upgrading your electrical wiring into the 21st century.

Here are some questions to ask and answer to help you make that decision:

Do you have aluminum wiring?

A qualified electrician can tell you. Many houses built in the 1960s and 1970s incorporated aluminum wiring which has since been determined to pose a home safety issue due to the risk of shorts and fire. Rewiring with copper is recommended by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Is the system overloaded?

Circuit breakers that trip or other power outages due to excessive electrical demand shouldn’t simply be put up with. Neither should symptoms like dimming lights when certain devices turn on or excessive reliance on outlet strips or extension cords because all available outlets are jammed. These issues are not only an inconvenience, they can also present safety hazards.

Are your outlets out of date?

Still living with old-fashioned two-prong wall outlets? All homes should have grounded three-prong outlets. Also, outlets in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas should have special ground-fault circuit protection, as well, to prevent electrocution hazard.

Are you remodeling or renovating?

If there’s a project involving interior construction planned in the near future, take that opportunity to upgrade the house wiring, too. It’s the perfect time to get the job done with the least trouble and expense.

For more details on the benefits of an electrical wiring upgrade for your home, contact the professionals at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions.

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