How to Select and Size Your Solar System

How To Select And Size Your New Solar System

Sep 22, 2011

Now that summer is here in Orlando, most of us are experiencing rising energy costs. One way to keep your utility bills down and take advantage of Florida’s sunny climate is to install a solar energy system, which uses the world’s cleanest and most renewable energy source—the sun—to heat your home and generate electricity for your air conditioner, lights, and hot water tank.

There are several factors to keep in mind when selecting a solar energy system:

Your home’s location: Homes on large plots or in remote locations may benefit from stand-alone systems, whereas existing homes in neighborhood settings will likely benefit more from grid-tied systems.  Grid-tied systems are ideal if it is not possible to include the number of energy efficient designs and solar additions typical with a new home plan. The location of your home also determines where you can put solar panels. For example, some homes are better suited for a solar installation on a south-facing roof, while others only have room for free standing panels in the yard.

The amount of electricity needed: Solar heating systems include can use either liquid, air, or forced air energy collectors. Solar liquid collectors may be most appropriate for central heating, whereas solar air collectors may be more appropriate for heating your pool or providing electricity for a small portion of your home. Different solar collectors also have different storage capacities and some are better suited for the hot, humid Orlando environment than others.

Costs associated with setup: Solar energy systems can be expensive, so it is important to prioritize. Maybe you only want solar panels to help you heat your pool. Or perhaps you want to use them to generate most of your electricity needs. Also, keep in mind that you are more likely to receive federal rebates for grid-tied systems than stand-alone systems.

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