How Humidity and Temperature Effects Baking

Humidity and Temperature Effects on Baking

Dec 20, 2018
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Indoor Climate Affects on Holiday BakingIf your holiday plans include doing a lot of baking for family gatherings and other festive events, this can have an effect on your home’s indoor climate. Your home’s temperature and humidity levels can also affect the way your baked goods turn out.

Learn more about the connection between holiday baking and indoor climate, so that you can enjoy your baked goods and a comfortable home.

Humidity and Temperature Levels and Home Comfort

When you use your oven, the humidity and temperature levels in your kitchen can rise. This can make your home feel uncomfortably warm and increase the amount of moisture in the air, which can encourage mold growth. Running the exhaust fan over your oven and opening windows can help reduce the humidity level in your kitchen. If needed, you can lower the temperature in your home with a fan or by running your air conditioning.

Baking and Humidity Levels

If your home tends to be humid and have a higher temperature, your baked goods absorb more moisture and end up in the oven for a shorter amount of time. This can result in cookies and other baked goods that aren’t completely done or ones that are too moist. When your kitchen has low humidity and a lower temperature, your baked goods can end up being too dry and overdone. Controlling the humidity level in your home can help you avoid these issues. Having a whole-house humidifier installed or using a portable humidifier can help you maintain the right humidity level.

Baking Tips

For more humid kitchens, you should reduce the amount of liquid ingredients in your recipes, so they won’t be under cooked or too moist. For less humid kitchens, you should increase the amount of liquid ingredients in your recipes to keep them from drying out.

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