A List of To-the-Point Questions Makes Hiring an HVAC Contractor Effortless

A List of To-the-Point Questions Makes Hiring an HVAC Contractor Effortless

Jun 27, 2013

When you’re hiring an HVAC contractor, you’ll want to verify that the company delivers the expertise and competence that you need. Your HVAC equipment is likely to be the most complex system your home has, and it contributes to your comfort year-round. Cooling and heating your home also drives your energy bills, so getting the best equipment, installation and service will affect your pocketbook for years to come.

These questions will help you select the right contractor:

  • Ask the contractor for a current license. It should be printed on the business card or on the company’s website. If not, make it a point to get this information. It’s important for the contractor to be licensed, insured and bonded. Having the proper credentials and financial backing protects you.
  • Does the contractor have NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification? Being a NATE-certified HVAC contractor assures that when you’re hiring an HVAC contractor, you’re working with the highest degree of knowledge, performance and customer service in the industry.
  • Will the contractor get all the necessary permits from your local jurisdiction before installing new equipment?
  • Learn how the contractor sizes the new equipment for your home. Be wary of someone who comes into your home and bases the equipment size on your existing system or who looks around, jots down a few sentences and numbers, and makes a recommendation. They should perform a load calculation of your home using Manuals J and D to make sure that the equipment you choose is the right size based on your home’s cooling and heating loads. It’s also important for the contractor to inspect the efficiency and integrity of the ductwork, which helps improve system efficiency and indoor air quality.
  • Is the contractor familiar with private, local, state and federal incentives that benefit you financially if you install high-efficiency equipment? Manufacturer and utility rebates and incentives may also be available.
  • The contractor should present you with a contract that spells out your and their obligations clearly.

If you would like more information about hiring an HVAC contractor, please contact us at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions. We’re confident that we can supply you with satisfactory answers to all of your questions. We’ve provided superior HVAC services for Orlando and the surrounding areas since 1969.

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