How Your Ductwork May Be Costing You Money

If Your Ductwork Isn’t Sealed Good And Tight, You’re Losing More Than Air

Oct 4, 2011

Ductwork plays an important part in home energy efficiency, safety, comfort and air quality. If your ductwork isn’t sealed tightly, you are not only losing air, but also air quality and money.

Faulty or damaged ductwork causes a loss of heat and air, reduces the comfort in your house, and can cause rooms to be stuffy and dusty. It also provides an opportunity for pollutants to find their way into your home. Inspecting and repairing ductwork can nip all of these possible issues in the bud and create a much more comfortable home environment.
Here are some things to look for when inspecting your home’s duckwork:

  • Check for holes and leaks as well as faulty connections. Remember, your duct system also runs through your attic, basement, garage and crawlspaces. Damage should be repaired and connections should be tight and sealed. Repairs can often be made using metal tape, mastic or even a sealant that is aerosol-based. Do not use duct tape.
  • Flexible ducts should not be tangled or crushed; if they are, they should be straightened and thoroughly checked for cracks or holes.
  • The air supply and return should be checked to ensure a proper balance. Sometimes a system may have air return ducts that are undersized, which can lead to inefficiency.
  • Air filters should be replaced regularly.
  • Ducts located in areas that are not in conditioned areas should be insulated and registers and grills should be sealed snugly to ducts.
  • The furnace and filter slot should also be checked for leaks and sealed.

Once everything has been checked and repaired, a combustion safety test should be administered and air flow should be evaluated.

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