Signs Your Electrical Wiring Should Be Replaced

Indicators Your Electrical Wiring Should Be Replaced

Feb 21, 2019

Indicators Your Electrical Wiring Should Be ReplacedDoes your home electrical wiring meet the demands of the 21st century?

Many existing homes today were built during an era of far fewer electrical components—basically lighting, TV, HVAC and a few appliances. Today, however, demands on that original wiring and electrical panel have soared and may routinely exceed what the system’s designed to accommodate. This can mean more than mere inconveniences like never having enough outlets and having to rely excessively on strips and extension cords. It can be a safety issue as overloaded wiring poses fire hazards and other dangers.

A qualified professional electrician can assess the capacity and condition of your electrical wiring as well as suggest options to bring your home up to date and restore safe operation.

Here are some signs to be aware of:

Your home was built more than 30 years ago.

Both the amperage capacity of the system and wiring may be out of date. You no doubt have more electrical devices plugged in than when the home was new. And, while it’s true that copper wiring has good longevity, the insulation covering that wiring may be deteriorating after decades of use.

Circuit breakers trip.

Visiting the electrical panel to reset a tripped breaker should be a very rare event. If it happens more frequently, that’s an indication that the wiring and panel may be overloaded. This can present a safety hazard and potentially damage electrical devices.

Lights flicker or dim when appliances turn on.

Your wiring and panel are struggling to deliver sufficient amperage to meet present demands. Upgrading the system is the only alternative to restore adequate, safe function.

Alarming symptoms.

If electrical outlets feel hot, if you hear buzzing sounds when you plug components into sockets, if you notice acrid odors that smell like overheated wiring—these are just some of the signs that you may have serious wiring overload conditions or faults that could cause a fire. Don’t ignore these warnings. Call a electrician for an inspection today.

Bring your electrical wiring into the 21st century and restore convenience and safety. Contact Rinald’s Energy Solution for more information.

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