Did You Know That Cleaning Your Ducts Increases Indoor Air Quality?

Did You Know That Cleaning Your Ducts Increases Indoor Air Quality?

Sep 18, 2014

There are many ways you can improve your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Some homeowners buy a new filtration system, others put in a wide variety of air-cleaning plants, while some try to improve the condition of their existing HVAC system. One of the most common issues that hinders IAQ is having dirty ductwork, which makes cleaning your ducts a simple way to improve the air in your home.

Why You Should Clean Ductwork

Even though it is out of the way for the most part, your ductwork is responsible for a lot of work. Your air is primarily circulated throughout your home through your ducts, so when dirt builds up, you will be breathing in fragments of dust, mold and other particles. These are bad for any allergies that you have, but can also lead to serious breathing disorders.

There’s another way that dirt in your ducts can impact your air quality. A significant amount of dirt means that your air filter will become clogged faster. A clogged filter is less effective at removing further particles from the air and reduces airflow. Not only will this force your system to work harder and allow a higher percentage of harmful particles through the filter, but your indoor coil may get covered in mold, reducing efficiency further.

How to Clean Ducts

Cleaning your ducts is difficult to do on your own. Instead, hire a professional on a seasonal basis to come in with the right equipment to inspect and clean your ductwork. They will have vacuums with long extensions and the experience to know where special attention is needed. They will also have safe cleaning solutions to clean off the ends of the ducts, which are often extra dirty due to dust and debris falling through registers.

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