Give High Efficiency Air Conditioning a Try

Is This The Year For An Upgrade? Give High-Efficiency Air Conditioning A Try

Jul 12, 2011

You might have heard the term ‘high-efficiency air conditioning’ used here and there without knowing exactly how it’s different from standard central air. If your central air conditioning is in need of an upgrade, there are many reasons why a high-efficiency air conditioning unit would be a good choice:

  • SEERs (seasonal energy efficiency ratings) between 16-23 using 30-50 percent less energy
  • New environmentally-friendly refrigerants
  • Two-stage high-efficiency compressors
  • Improved heat exchangers
  • Higher-quality components providing longer equipment life
  • Extended manufacturer’s warranties
  • Thermidistats that sense ambient temperature and humidity and automatically adjust the cooling cycle

Probably the best reason to upgrade to a  high-efficiency air conditioning unit is that they provide a superior level of comfort and convenience for the same cost or less than standard air conditioning. When it’s hot and humid and the air conditioning is running extensively throughout the year, as it is here in Orlando, a high-efficiency air conditioning unit will pay for itself in no time.

If you are thinking about an upgrade to your existing system, a good place to start would be to schedule a free home energy evaluation. A certified HVAC technician can evaluate your existing ducts and match your space requirements with the most efficient unit. A technician can also give you information about other convenient features like:

  • Thermal expansion valves which are metering devices
  • Variable speed air handlers that raise overall efficiency
  • Fan-only switch to pull in cool air at night
  • Filter-check light
  • Auto-delay fan switch that quickly switches the fan off when the compressor shuts off

In order to reach the manufacturer’s SEER, be sure to consult your HVAC contractor about getting an ‘Energy Star Installation’. Probably the biggest problems with central air conditioning arise from improper installation and unbalanced levels of refrigerant. This is why you should hire a professional HVAC installer in the first place.

If you would like more information or have any questions, contact a high-efficiency air conditioning expert at Rinaldi’s AC. We’re happy to help.

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