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The air inside many Orlando homes can leave residents feeling like Goldilocks: some areas are too hot, while others are too cold. Differences in indoor air temperature occur because some rooms simply absorb more heat energy than others. Some rooms face the sun more directly or have more windows, while entire floors of a multi-story house can have different temperatures because heat rises. With just one central A/C and heating unit, though, all parts of the house receive cold or warm air at the same time, regardless of how much heating or cooling they actually need.

If these differences in temperature have you and your three bears feeling perpetually uncomfortable, it may be time to invest in zoning systems.

Zoning systems divide houses into multiple different cooling and heating areas. Although you still only have one central air conditioner or heat pump, a series of dampers installed in the duct system direct the air only where it is needed–whether that be the whole house, certain parts of the house, or even just a single room. So, if your west-facing living room needs additional cooling on a sunny afternoon, while your north-facing bedroom is already cool enough, the zoning system can direct cool air to the living room zone without turning your bedroom into a freezer.

Instead of having only one thermostat to control the entire house, zoning systems use a different thermostat for each zone. Not only does this give you pinpoint control over the temperature levels in your house, it also allows you the opportunity to see some serious savings on your energy bills. Instead of cooling the entire house when only one person is at home, you can adjust the thermostats so that only the zone you are in is kept fully cool. This works especially well if you have programmable thermostats, which can be set to only cool the bedrooms at night, or the living room during waking hours.

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