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Home Scents: Using Essential Oils in Your Air Filter

As a homeowner here in Orlando, you probably contend with stale air and odors when you’re running the HVAC and your home is closed up tight. If you’re looking for a way to give your home a pleasant scent without using chemical-filled air freshener sprays...
Ways Candles Can Affect Your Air Filters and IAQ

Ways Candles Can Affect Your Air Filters and IAQ

Even though they’ve been used for centuries and sold by the millions, paraffin candles aren’t good for indoor air quality. They emit chemicals when they’re burning that not only harm living things, but they’re also hard on your HVAC system. Paraffin is made from...
Air Filter Always Dirty? Reasons Why

Air Filter Always Dirty? Reasons Why

It’s normal to have a dirty air filter in your HVAC system every month or so. The entire air volume inside your house—including all the dust, dirt, lint and other particulates floating around in it—circulates through the filter multiple times each day. The...

Effective Reminders to Change Your Air Filter

Lowering your electric bills and increasing your home comfort might be as easy as checking and changing the air filter for your HVAC system. A clean filter promotes good airflow through the air handler that promotes energy efficiency and keeps the components inside it...

Fall is Here: Change Your Air Filters

The transition of seasons is always a good time to think about changing the air filter that plays such an important role in your home’s cooling and heating system. With Florida’s lengthy cooling season, air has circulated through your home’s...