How to Select the Right Heat Pump for Your Home

Selecting A Heat Pump: Consider These Advanced Features, As Well As The Efficiency Rating

Jan 3, 2012

If you’re in the market for a new heat pump, there are a few advanced features (along with energy-efficiency ratings) currently available that you should keep in mind.

None of them are absolutely imperative, but each of them should be considered because of the wide variety of benefits they can bring:

  • Two-speed compressors: These compressors allow your heat pump to save energy by automatically adjusting its compression speed based on the current temperature of your home. This way, you know you’re never using up more energy on heating than necessary, and you’ll also be reducing wear and tear on your appliance.
  • Dual-speed motors: These motors can be found on the indoor fans of certain heat pumps. Much like the aforementioned compressors, they allow the pump to adjust its fan speed. This helps airflow, cuts down on electricity usage and even allows the pump’s fan to operate at a quieter level.
  • Desuperheaters: Some heat pumps currently available can be equipped with desuperheaters, which function by taking the waste heat from your system’s cooling mode, and then reusing it for the purpose of heating your water. Compared to standard electric water heater, these desuperheaters have been estimated to heat water at a pace two to three times more efficient.
  • Scroll compressors: These compressors consist of two spiral-shaped scrolls. One of them doesn’t move, while its counterpart rotates around it, compressing the pump’s refrigerant by constantly squeezing it into smaller and smaller areas. This type of compressor has shown to produce air 10 to 15 degrees warmer and last up to a few years longer.
  • Backup burners: Certain heat pumps that don’t have electric resistance heaters can make use of backup burners, which cut down on electricity use, and help to ensure that the flow of air stays sufficiently warm during especially cold weather.

Before you make the call to purchase your new heat pump, make sure you take the time to consider these beneficial features. For all your HVAC needs, contact one of our experts at Rinaldi’s Air Conditioning.


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