Signs You Need to Contact an Electrician

Signs You Need to Contact an Electrician

If you can smell burning, call in an emergency electrician
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Aug 15, 2022
Signs You Need to Contact an Electrician

Electrical problems can be dangerous. Thousands of homes across the United States catch fire every year due to electrical issues. These fires can cause thousands of dollars in property damage for the homeowner and also can endanger the lives of the people living in the house. If you notice any of the following signs, make sure to contact an electrician right away.

Sign #1

Your Electrical System Is Old

an old electricity installation panel in a home

Older electrical systems may not be robust enough to handle all of the things that modern households need to power. They may also be wearing out over time and therefore also more prone to problems. If you know that your home has older wiring, consider getting it updated.

Sign #2

There’s a Burning Smell

an electrical fire at an outlet

Any time you smell something burning, even if you can’t pinpoint exactly where it’s coming from, that’s a sign of a major problem. If you can’t tell what’s causing the smell, it may be from wires burning within your walls. It could also be a sign that there’s already an electrical fire. If you notice a burning smell, call in an electrician right away to investigate the problem. Contact us right away if you have an electrical emergency.

Sign #3

The Wall Panel Is Damaged

an electrician working in a home’s electrical wall panel

Most homes have a wall panel. This panel can be a good indicator of the status of the rest of the electrical system. If you notice that there are burned or melted wires inside the panel, call an electrician right away. The panel itself could be a fire hazard or could be a sign of problems throughout your electrical system.

Tip: It’s a good idea to inspect your home’s electrical panel monthly, even if there aren’t any issues you’re concerned about.

Sign #4

Your Home Doesn’t Have GFCI Outlets

a GFCI outlet in a wall with two cords plugged in

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. This type of outlet is specially designed to be located in rooms in which there could be a lot of moisture. You may find a GFCI outlet in your bathrooms, kitchens, garage, or outside of your house. A GFCI outlet is safer in such moist locations because this type of outlet is designed to shut off its current if it detects water in order to avoid the risk of electrocution. If your home doesn’t have GFCI outlets, then it may not be up to code.

Tip: You should test the reset button on your GFCI outlets regularly. Listen for the clicking sound to know it’s working properly.

Sign #5

Your Breakers Blow Frequently

an electrician resetting a breaker for a customer

If you’re often having to go to your electrical panel in order to reset a breaker, then your electrical system may be overloaded. This can happen more easily with older systems that weren’t designed for the electrical load that modern households have. Tripping a breaker occasionally is normal, but frequent resetting, especially of the same breaker, is a sign that you should call an electrician in to look at it.

Sign #6

You Get a Shock from Your Outlets

If you get shocked when you touch an outlet, that’s definitely a sign of an electrical problem. If an outlet is warm to the touch or you can feel it buzzing when you touch it, those are also signs of a problem with that outlet. There are several things that could cause this:

  • Damaged circuit
  • Broken cord
  • Unstable electrical current
  • Etc.

Regardless of what’s causing the problem, this could be dangerous. A fire could start at the outlet.

Sign #7

The Power in Your Home Is Inconsistent

a lightbulb that is on next to many lightbulbs that are off

If you find that your lights flicker or they sometimes don’t work and it’s not a problem with the light bulbs, you should call an electrician. If a single lamp was flickering, then it could be a problem with just that device or just that outlet. If it’s more widespread, there could be a problem with the entire electrical system.

When Should You Call in an Emergency Electrician?

Some electrical problems are a sign of an immediate problem. Shocks coming from an outlet or a burning smell are signs of an emergency. An electrical fire could occur or may already have occurred in the home. This could cause a lot of damage to the home and also endanger the lives of the people living there if it’s left unaddressed.

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