Summer Drain Cleaning and How It Can Save You Money

You Need Summer Drain Cleaning

Jul 31, 2017

You Need Summer Drain CleaningA home’s drains get a lot of use over the summer months, so it’s vital that they’re clean to ensure that they function properly. Scheduling drain cleaning now can let you avoid clogs, backups and sluggish draining and bring you additional benefits like:

Less Chance of Foul Odors

When your drains contain an accumulation of deteriorating food particles, kitchen grease, hair, soap scum and other gunk, you may start to notice unpleasant odors in your home. Our excessively hot, humid summer weather can make such smells worse, but getting your drains cleaned can help eliminate the problem.

Lower Risk of Water Damage

The debris-filled drain lines serving your plumbing fixtures can easily become completely blocked. Then, simply running water in a nearby fixture can cause the blocked drain to back up, and the resulting flood of water can quickly ruin your flooring and carpet, or damage the ceilings on the main level if the overflow occurs in a second-floor bathroom. Getting the drains professionally cleaned can prevent all the stress, mess and expense of cleaning up and repairing your water-damaged home this summer.

Fewer Potential Health Hazards

The gunk in dirty drains and humid summer weather creates the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Keeping the drains clean can help control the growth of bacteria, and reduce your family’s risk of exposure to contaminated water and waste by preventing backups due to drain clogs.

Longer Plumbing Pipe Lifespan

Getting the drains cleaned out can solve an issue with repeated drain clogs that put extra pressure on the lines, and eliminate any need for using corrosive chemical drain cleaners that can erode your pipes. This helps you avoid costly repairs due to leaking or ruptured pipes, and protects your plumbing pipes from damage so they last longer.

Less Summertime Stress

Contending with sink clogs, sluggish drains and overflowing toilets can ruin your summer. By having your drains cleaned now, you can enjoy a relaxing summer without any plumbing-related stress.

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