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Picking Heat Pumps: Air Source vs. Ground Source

Picking Heat Pumps: Air Source vs. Ground Source

Heat pumps warm your home in winter without consuming natural gas or utilizing electric heating. In the summer, the same unit cools your house like conventional A/C. In addition to consolidating heating and cooling into a single, efficient unit, heat pumps can...

An Air Source Heat Pump for Cooling: Learn the Benefits

Air source heat pump use is big in central Florida.  It’s one of the most efficient/economical means of providing cool, conditioned air to your Orlando area home during hot weather and, with the flip of a switch, it can be reversed to heating mode to provide...

Plan Heat Pump Maintenance to Keep Yours Running Right

Maintaining a nice, cool home is a top concern here in Central Florida. Make sure your heat pump is running right with scheduled heat pump maintenance. In addition to greater home comfort, you’ll benefit with lower cooling bills and less indoor humidity. Heat pump...