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HVAC Maintenance and Replacements: A Timeline

Many homeowners move into a house with a used HVAC system, or else upgrade to a new system, without knowing the maintenance schedule or estimated service life of the equipment. It pays to know these things, however, since you’ll pay a heavy price for a poorly...

Keeping Mold Out Of The Drain Pain Of Your A/C

Mold plays a key role in nature, and its spores can be found almost everywhere, including the drain pan of the air conditioner in your greater Orlando-area home. What facilitates growth is a key set of elements, including spores, food, temperature and moisture. Once...

Make Insulation A Priority In Your Crawl Space: Do You Need More?

Installing and maintaining the proper amount of insulation in the crawl space of your Orlando home has several advantages. Properly insulating your home’s crawl space: Controls heat flow through your home Saves money on maintenance and energy costs Improves the...