How to Program Your Thermostat Before a Trip

Taking A Trip? Program Your Thermostat Before You Go, And Spend Your Energy Savings On Souvenirs

Sep 20, 2011

If you’re planning to take a trip away from home, whether it is for a few days or an extended stay, having a programmable thermostat is a great way to keep costs down. While you’re not home, you don’t need the air conditioning to run the whole time and there’s no reason it should. You can still come home to a nice cool house without the expense of leaving everything on all day. In fact, these can save you money year-round in your everyday life, too! They have been proven to save money, and you may be eligible for rebates in Florida just for installing one. (Ask us how.) You can save money and save energy with a programmable thermostat.

Some features available on some of the models include:

  • Separate Monday through Friday and weekend controls
  • Being able to set multiple changes throughout the day
  • Battery backup to save your settings if the power goes out
  • Some models let you set different times for each day of the week
  • A switch to override the settings manually in case there is a change of plans or you’re just too hot

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