3 Reasons to Buy a Radiant System

Three Very Sound Reasons To Give A Radiant System Serious Consideration

Jan 12, 2012

Few Florida homes use a radiant system to heat the house. Most houses have a forced-air heat system. Forced-air heating can feel dry and uncomfortable on the skin. Radiant systems use a different heating method that is less forceful and gently warms the house from the floor up. Most radiant heaters are installed in the floor, although some are also installed in walls or ceilings. The heaters have pipes or electrical wires threaded under or through the floor, which carry the heat. The heat from the wires or pipes then radiates upward into the room, giving the room gentle, effective and comfortable heat.

There are three main benefits to using a radiant system. The main benefit of a radiant system is its efficiency. Since the system does not have to heat cold air, the energy required is much less than that of traditional heating systems. Radiant heat also feels warmer to the body faster than other heating systems. Since the floor is warm, the occupants of the house may even feel warmer at a lower temperature, which increases energy and cost savings.

Radiant heat also provides comfort. Radiant heaters warm the air evenly in every room. The problem of one room having a much higher temperature than others is eliminated with a radiant heating unit.

Radiant heaters eliminate the need for bulky air intake or return vents or large stand-alone heaters. The system is completely self-contained outside and under the house. The design of a home can remain unbroken. The units also operate silently, unlike the annoying sound of a heating blowing constantly.

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