Save Big on Energy Bills with Duct Sealing

Try Duct Sealing For More Energy Savings

Jun 16, 2011

Ducts are used in homes to circulate the indoor air from the heating and cooling systems throughout the house. Properly sealed duct work will help ensure that you have a safe, comfortable and energy-efficient home. If your ducts have leaks or are not sealed properly, there is potential for significant air and energy loss. This air and energy loss will lead to higher utility costs for you.

These factors will help to determine if your duct work is not sealed properly or performing at optimal efficiency levels:

  • Your utility bills are unusually high in winter and summer
  • You have spaces that will not heat nor cool easily
  • You have uncomfortable rooms with poor air quality
  • You have ducts that are installed in the garage, crawlspace or attic
  • You have tangled ducts

If you discover that you are experiencing any of these situations, consider having your duct sealing inspected by a reputable HVAC technician. Some of the ducts in your home will be difficult if not impossible to see. However, a professional technician will have the equipment, expertise and skills to evaluate your situation.

Duct work that is visible can be easily inspected. Mastic sealant can be used in any duct sealing jobs to fill any spaces where the air is being lost. Consider having any unprotected duct work insulated to provide you with even more energy and money savings.

When choosing a service professional to perform the necessary duct sealing work on your home, look for a NATE-certified technician who will follow the Energy Star installation guidelines. Your NATE technician will make sure that your duct sealing job is properly completed, that the system is operating properly and that it will provide you with the best comfort and efficiency levels possible.

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