Virtually Explore LG Appliances in Home Solutions Campaign

Virtually Explore LG Appliances for a Good Cause in Latest Healthy Home Solutions Campaign

Play Fortnite or Animal Crossing to explore LG’s air conditioning solutions
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Oct 1, 2021

Korean company LG is allowing players of Fortnite and Animal Crossing the Horizon to digitally explore their line of healthy home appliances. Both games will offer special event quests in which players can earn items for use in the game. Plus, the virtual event will help support Habitat for Humanity South Korea.

What Are LG’s Healthy Home Solutions?

LG offers a line of products, ranging from refrigerators, washers, and dryers to air conditioning units that are designed to keep homes healthier. The goal of the healthy home campaign is to highlight ways in which our appliances can help our homes be healthier places to live. Washers can keep our clothing more hygienic, refrigerators can keep healthy ingredients fresh, and air conditioners can help improve the home’s air quality.

Healthy Home Air Solutions

LG offers a variety of different products that can help improve the air quality in your home. These start with vacuum cleaners that can help to pull dust out of the air and also include air conditioners. LG sells air conditioners for both commercial and residential buildings and also offers air purifiers.

How Can People Virtually Explore LG Healthy Home Solutions?

Fortnite game with controller

There are two video games participating in LG’s Healthy Home Solutions campaign: Animal Crossing the Horizon and Fortnite. Both games offer ways for players to virtually interact with LG’s healthy home appliances and even earn rewards for use in-game.


Fortnite is a battle royale-style game popular with millions of players across the globe. Within the game, players can earn in-game healing items if they complete the entire LG Healthy Home mission. This mission involves unlocking all of the different LG home appliances featured in LG map within the game. Once a player has finished the LG Healthy Home mission, that player can then be the first to take LG Battle Square in order to claim victory.

Animal Crossing the Horizon

In Animal Crossing the Horizon, there are three specially themed zones for the LG Healthy Home campaign. Animal Crossing players can explore the zones and interact with LG’s healthy home appliances. Plus, there are special missions related to the appliances that players can complete. The special LG zones are:

  • Cleaning Maze Clothing Care Zone
  • Juicy Fresh Kitchen Zone
  • Cool Breeze Air Zone

How Does LG Help Habitat for Humanity South Korea?

Players of Fortnite and Animal Crossing don’t have to make any donations themselves. Instead, LG will make donations to Habitat for Humanity South Korea for each screenshot taken within one of the two games that is posted to social media with the hashtag #LGHome. LG is also donating appliances to schools, libraries, and other public facilities in target locations across the world.

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