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Want to Save Money and Sleep Better? Lower the Temp in Your Home

Jan 5, 2017

Want to Save Money and Sleep Better? Lower the Temp in Your Home

Jan 5, 2017
Want to Save Money and Sleep Better? Lower the Temp in Your Home

Want to Save Money and Sleep Better? Lower the Temp in Your HomeSeems like most of us fret a lot these days over getting enough sleep. Sleep experts warn that a number of environmental factors contribute to sleeplessness, including eating too close to bedtime, alcohol consumption (it actually wakes you up when you begin to metabolize the sugar), looking at electronic screens and leaving the lights on at bedtime.

Here’s another factor that may contribute to your sleeplessness: your bedroom may actually be too warm. The ideal sleeping temperature turns out to be a cool 65 degrees, so in our climate, that might mean leaving the furnace off and throwing open the windows in winter. Turning the furnace down of course can also help you save energy — an added bonus.

Read on for how lowering the thermostat helps you sleep better.

The “Just-Right” Sleeping Temperature

When you fall asleep, your body temperature falls as part of its circadian rhythm, a 24-hour cycle that controls sleep and other functions. Changes in body temperature help to regulate this rhythm. So when a room is too hot when you’re trying to sleep, your sleep will be interrupted as your body tries to maintain a lower temperature. If the room is too warm, you’ll start sweating. If it’s too humid, sweat doesn’t evaporate and you can’t cool down. But it’s also true that if you’re too cold, you will start shivering and not be able to sleep.

Everyone has a different optimal temperature for sleeping. Although the best sleeping temperature on average is 65 degrees, it may be a little higher or a little lower for you. Test it out to discover yours.

Whatever your optimal temperature, remember that sleeping in a cooler room helps boost your metabolism and get rid of excess blood sugar. Getting rid of this blood sugar can help you burn calories and lose weight.

A good way to remember to cool down your bedroom and save energy and sleep better is to set your programmable thermostat for a lower temperature while you’re sleeping.

To learn more about how to sleep better and save energy, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Systems of Orlando.
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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “OpenIcons/Pixabay”

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