Water Filtration Systems: Here's What You Need to Know

Water Filtration Systems: Here’s What You Need to Know

Sep 27, 2016

Water Filtration Systems: Here's What You Need to KnowWith the whole-home water filtration systems available today, there’s no need to put up with poor water quality in your Orlando-area home. Depending on the issue(s) you’re dealing with, you can have a system installed that improves your water quality using a filtering medium, a chemical process or ultraviolet (UV) light. These systems are specifically designed to solve water quality problems related to excessive sediment, mineral scale buildup, chlorine and other chemicals, or biological contaminants.

Advantages of Owning a Water Filtration System

One major advantage of this type of system is you’ll have better water quality house-wide. Because the unit is placed right where the main water line enters the house, the incoming water is routed through it before it’s distributed to all your faucets, fixtures and appliances.

These are some of the additional benefits you can gain when you install a whole-home system to improve your water quality:

  • Better taste and greater safety: When biological contaminants like viruses and bacteria are destroyed, or chemicals like chlorine eliminated, you’ll have water that’s safer to drink and also smells and tastes better.
  • Longer life for your appliances and plumbing system: Removing scale-causing minerals can help your appliances last longer and preserve your plumbing pipes and water pressure.
  • A hedge against problems with the municipal supply: You won’t have to worry about the effects of broken mains or boiling your water because of a municipal supply contamination.

How to Choose the Right System to Boost Your Water Quality

The first step is getting your water tested to find out exactly what’s wrong, then ask an experienced plumber to recommend the best type of system. You may be advised to invest in:

  • A reverse osmosis system that traps sediment.
  • An ion exchange unit that softens hard water.
  • A UV system to eradicate health hazards like viruses and bacteria.
  • An activated-carbon or oxidizing unit to cure taste and odor problems.
  • A multi-stage system that combines different treatment technologies.

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