Water Heaters Plus Lower Temperatures Equal Energy Savings

Water Heaters Plus Lower Temperatures Equal Energy Savings

Jul 31, 2012

Next to the energy that your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system uses, did you know that your water heater is the next biggest energy hog in your home? However, there are ways that you can curb your hot-water energy use.

All water heaters have thermostats that let you choose how hot you want the water. Most have a range from 110 to 140 degrees. Keeping your water at 140 degrees increases your utility bill and can shorten the heater’s functional life. Each 10 degrees that you turn down your heater can save you three to five percent on your utility bills. 

Most households only need water heated to 120 degrees. By turning it down, you lower the risk of scalding while washing or bathing, and a lower temperature reduces the buildup of scale at the bottom of the water heater. As scale builds, especially in electric water heaters, the appliance has to work harder to heat the water, increasing your bills and reducing the appliance’s life.

The U.S. Department of Energy states that there’s a small risk of legionellae bacteria building at lower temperatures, however, and recommends that anyone with a chronic respiratory disease or an impaired immune system consider keeping the thermostat at 140 degrees and using anti-scald devices in bathrooms and sinks to avoid injury.

The thermostat for a gas heater is usually at the bottom on the tank’s exterior. Electric tanks may have two thermostats, one for the top heating element and the other for the bottom. Turn both down. If the thermostat sits behind a screw-on panel, turn the circuit breaker to the heater off before removing the panel with a screwdriver.

If you want to test the accuracy of your water heater’s thermostat, run the hot water at the kitchen sink until it’s fully hot. Capture some in a cup, and then test it with an instant read thermometer. If it doesn’t match what the thermostat dial says on the water heater, turn it down in increments until you reach the desired temperature.

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