What to Do if a Bird Nests in Your AC Unit

What to Do if a Bird Nests in Your AC Unit

Mar 3, 2023
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You’re lounging in your living room, enjoying the cool air from your air conditioning unit, when you hear some peculiar sounds from outside. Curiosity piqued, you investigate, only to discover that a bird has decided to make your AC unit its new nesting spot. While the thought of sharing your space with nature might seem charming initially, you soon realize that this could lead to problems for you and your new avian neighbor.

In this post, we’ll delve into the steps you need to take when faced with this situation, ensuring the bird’s safety while protecting your cooling system and maintaining a comfortable home.

Potential Issues Caused by Birds in Air Conditioner

The cozy, protected space these units provide is an irresistible draw for our feathered friends. Unfortunately, this seemingly harmless act of nature can lead to problems.

  1. How your AC unit might suffer

Birds’ nesting materials can clog up your AC system, causing costly damage to fans, coils, and filters. Likewise, the blockage caused by nesting materials and droppings can force your system to work harder, burning through more energy and causing utility bills to skyrocket. And if the birds chew through any wires or insulation, you’re in for a real headache.

  1. The health hazards of bird droppings

Aside from being unsightly, bird droppings can pose serious health risks. They can harbor nasty bacteria and fungi, putting you and your family at risk for respiratory illnesses or infections. Plus, they’re a perfect breeding ground for bugs like mites, ticks, and other pests.

Preventative Measures: Keep Birds Away from Air Conditioner

How do you prevent birds from tucking away in your AC unit? Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers. Here are the top tips, to keep your air conditioner bird-free.

  1. Installing physical barriers

First, you can customize wire mesh to fit your AC unit perfectly. This creates a bird-proof barrier without obstructing airflow or looking like an eyesore. Second, you can mount spikes on the outer edges of your AC device to make it an uninviting place for birds to land. The key here is to choose spikes made of flexible, durable materials like polycarbonate to avoid damaging your unit.

Lastly, when fitted correctly, bird netting is barely noticeable yet incredibly effective at deterring birds. Opt for UV-resistant netting to ensure it lasts for years, and make sure it’s installed snugly to avoid any unwanted gaps.

  1. Using visual deterrents

Utilize reflective objects such as CDs, mirrors, or shiny tape to deter birds from nesting near your AC unit. You can create a dynamic light display that will discourage birds by hanging these items. Choose objects that move with the wind for optimal results, producing a continuously changing visual effect.

Alternatively, maintain a bird-free environment around your AC unit by deploying fake predators like plastic owls, snakes, or hawks. These decoys can effectively scare birds away from the area. To ensure continued success, periodically change the position of these decoys to maintain their effectiveness.

  1. Utilizing audio repellents 

You can try using ultrasonic devices that emit sound frequencies too high for humans to hear but are distressing to birds. Look for gadgets with adjustable frequencies to keep the birds from getting used to them. Another option is to play recordings of bird distress calls near your air conditioning unit, making the space uncomfortable for birds. The key is to choose soundtracks of species native to your area for the best results.

Safely Removing Birds Living in My Air Conditioner

You might be tempted to grab a broom and sweep the birds away, but hold on. Evicting your uninvited guests isn’t as simple as it sounds. Here’s how to go about it.

It’s essential to wait until the nesting season concludes before attempting to remove a bird’s nest. This helps maintain the natural breeding cycle and prevents disturbing any avian families. Before you start, examine the nest thoroughly for any signs of eggs or hatchlings. It’s both inhumane and illegal in many places to remove a nest that’s still inhabited. 

To safely remove a nest, disconnect the power to your AC unit to prevent accidental shocks. Next, equip yourself with protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and long sleeves, to shield yourself from sharp beaks, talons, and any unexpected aerial assaults. Finally, gently remove the nest and any nearby debris using tools like a paintbrush or garden trowel, treating the nest with the utmost care. 

If you’re uncertain or unprepared for this task, seek assistance from wildlife removal experts or HVAC professionals. These specialists can humanely remove the nest and evaluate your AC unit for any damages, ensuring its efficient operation once the nest is gone.

Managing Bird Nests in Your AC Unit Responsibly

Throughout this article, we’ve covered essential steps to address bird nests in your air conditioning unit. Act promptly and responsibly by inspecting your unit, seeking professional help, and implementing preventative measures is crucial. These actions will protect the birds and maintain the performance and longevity of your AC system.

If you need assistance with any bird poop air conditioner issues, please contact us. We’re here to help you maintain a comfortable and bird-free environment.