What to Expect from Rinaldi's Whole House Comfort Checkup

What To Expect From Rinaldi’s Whole-House Comfort Checkup

Nov 22, 2011

Just like the family car, your home needs a regular tuneup to perform at peak capacity. Leaks in your ductwork, drafts and inadequate insulation all add up to unnecessary wear and tear on your home’s HVAC system. That results in uneven heating and cooling – especially when you need it most. 

Fortunately, Rinaldi’s Air Conditioning has a great way to keep your home comfortable and provide energy savings all year round. Rinaldi’s Whole-House Comfort Checkup will identify key problems commonly found in the home that contribute to less than optimal air temperature and quality.

A consultant from Rinaldi’s starts the process by gathering feedback from you and your family to get an idea of what type of issues may need to be explored in your home. Next, the consultant will visually inspect your HVAC equipment to make sure your system is safe, dependable and free of any potential hazards. Then, your Rinaldi’s consultant will measure the amount of insulation you have in your home to ensure you have the proper amount to keep your home comfortable. Rinaldi’s includes an air leakage evaluation with the use of a computerized blower system, which measures the air leakage around your doors and windows. This shows how leaky or airtight your home is, and where improvements can be made.

Leaks don’t just contribute to poor air quality in the home. When air is unevenly distributed through your home, your HVAC system has to work even harder to make the temperature in your home consistent. That costs you money. By using an airflow hood, your Rinaldi’s consultant will show you which rooms aren’t being heated or cooled properly so you can solve the problem.

For more information on our Whole-House Comfort Checkup, contact us at Rinaldi’s Air Conditioning.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about whole-house comfort and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.


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