WiFi Thermostats: Control of Your Home's Temperature

WiFi Thermostats: Go Where and When You Want and Keep Control of Your Home’s Temperature

Apr 8, 2014

One of the simplest ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and make it more comfortable is to install a WiFi thermostat. Not only are these thermostats relatively inexpensive, but they will pay for themselves many times over during their lifetime.

Why WiFi Thermostats?

If you haven’t guessed based on the name, WiFi thermostats are able to use the internet connection in your home to extend the many existing features of programmable thermostats.

The benefits start with the ability of being able to set temperatures on your thermostat in advance. This alone saves you a considerable amount of wasted energy by not having to heat or cool your home all the time while you are not home or while you are sleeping.

Another shared benefit with programmable thermostats is coming with pre-installed programs that automatically learn about your temperature habits and optimizes your thermostat settings around them.

The most useful features utilizes the power of the WiFi connection. The most popular advantage is being able to view and control your thermostat remotely. With any internet-enabled computer, phone or tablet you can check up on your thermostat’s settings and temperature of your home. You can even change the settings of your thermostat while you are not home if your plans change during the day.

Finally, there are also simple external temperature sensors that you can place around your home as desired. The temperature data will be collected from these sensors over time and you can view it online. This is an easy way to see if you are wasting energy on certain parts of your home.

Which One to Get

There are many great WiFi thermostats on the market, and many that aren’t so good. The best way to find a reliable and effective one is to get the assistance of an HVAC professional that has experience with all kinds of models.

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