A Zoning System: For Consistent Cooling Everywhere In Your Home

A Zoning System: For Consistent Cooling Everywhere In Your Home

Jul 5, 2012

One of the biggest complaints during the cooling season is uneven temperatures throughout the house. Certain rooms are too cold while others are too warm, and everybody in the house wants to adjust the thermostat accordingly. In the meantime, your energy bills are getting higher and higher because the air conditioner is running constantly.

The entire problem can be solved with a zoning system.

When a house has only one thermostat, it’s virtually impossible to achieve balanced temperatures in the entire house. Sunshine through windows on the south side will raise the temperatures there, while the north side stays cooler. The location of trees or neighboring houses can also put parts of your house in the shade, giving the thermostat a false reading.

If the thermostat is located on the sunny side where temperatures are higher, it will force the A/C to run more. Meanwhile, the rooms on the shady side will be too cold for comfort. If the thermostat is on the cooler, shady side of the house, the rooms on the sunny side will be too warm.

With a zoning system, the temperature is measured in several locations throughout the home and the system adjusts itself to achieve maximum comfort with uniform temperature.

A zoning system uses multiple thermostats acting together and controlling motorized dampers to adjust the system. As a result, your house will have more even temperatures regardless of where you are, everybody will be comfortable and your A/C will run much less, reducing your energy bills.

In addition to the increased comfort, your HVAC system will be working more efficiently, giving you more cooling for your dollar. In the long run, your equipment will need less maintenance, which can save you money in service calls and repairs.

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