How Zoning Systems Control your Comfort & Save Money
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Zoning Systems — Control Your Comfort, Increase Your Energy Savings

Dec 8, 2011

Do you have difficulty achieving and maintaining a steady temperature throughout your entire house?  Many homeowners have the same problem and get frustrated with the undesired warm or cool patches they feel throughout their home. Zoning systems offer a unique solution that gives you greater control over the temperature in different parts of your house while also lowering your energy costs.

Most homes have an HVAC system that is controlled using a single thermostat. The goal is to achieve a steady temperature throughout the house, a pretty lofty and unrealistic goal. There are a number of naturally occurring obstacles that make this hard to achieve. For example, the mere fact that heat will naturally rise will make second stories warmer and areas near windows will be subject to more heat transferring in and out, creating the aforementioned warm and cool patches. Even basic constructional features of the house can inhibit airflow and prevent air from reaching certain parts.

Zoning systems avoid all this by assigning multiple thermostats to small regions — or zones — of your house. This makes it easier for them to focus on reaching your ideal temperature in that part of the house. An area upstairs with lots of windows may receive more air than a shady room downstairs, even if they are set to the same temperature.

But this is where the biggest benefit of zoning systems comes in. With the use of multiple thermostats, you can have different temperatures in different zones based on the desires of the occupants. Mom can have the kitchen a few degrees cooler than Dad’s study, while the kids upstairs have it even cooler without anyone being uncomfortable.

This setup allows you to save money because you can set areas that don’t require much air to an energy-efficient setting that will distribute less air to them. This lowers the workload for your air system, extending its longevity.

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