3 Heating System Problems Keeping Your House From Getting Warm 

3 Heating System Problems Keeping Your House From Getting Warm 

Dec 7, 2017

3 Heating System Problems Keeping Your House From Getting Warm Nobody needs to tell you if your heating system isn’t doing its job this winter. You probably already know something’s wrong somewhere. With one exception, do-it-yourself troubleshooting and/or repair to heating system components including the gas-fired furnace shouldn’t be attempted due to substantial safety issues. You’ll need a qualified HVAC professional to get this job done and restore performance and efficiency.

However, to help understand some of the factors involved, here are three common heating system issues that may be preventing your house from warming up and staying that way:

Insufficient Airflow

Airflow has a substantial impact on furnace performance and efficiency. If low airflow is an issue, it could be simply a clogged air filter. This is the one exception you may try to resolve yourself. Changing the filter is a simple task and may have positive effects on airflow and household comfort. Remember to check the filter monthly from now on. Replace it at least every other month.

If a new filter doesn’t improve airflow, you’ll need professional service to verify proper furnace blower output as well as check for ductwork leakage, disconnected duct segments or other causes.

Short Cycling Furnace

If the furnace turns on, then cycles back off again faster than normal, adequate heat may not circulate through the ducts. If the furnace is overheating internally, a safety switch may shut it down to prevent damage. A failing flame sensor may not also detect the burner flame, causing the furnace to turn off prematurely.

Short cycles can also result if furnace BTU capacity wasn’t properly matched to the heating load of the house. Over-sized furnaces turn on and off too fast, causing noticeable temperature swings. An HVAC professional has the expertise and specialized equipment to track down the cause of short cycles.

Defective Thermostat

If an erratic thermostat fails to signal the furnace to turn on, the house will be under-heated. Also, a defective thermostat may not maintain temperature settings with acceptable accuracy. Malfunctioning thermostats are usually replaced, not repaired.

For professional diagnosis and repair of heating system issues, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions.

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