Replacement Questions When Your A/C Conks Out

Air Conditioner Conked Out? Use These Replacement Questions

Aug 2, 2011

When your air conditioner conks out, the first thing you ought to know is what you should not do. There is a lot you can do yourself, but it’s usually best to call in an HVAC technician if the sealed compressor unit breaks down, or if you find a leak in the refrigerant lines, for example.

Let’s say your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home properly. It’s unlikely that you’re an expert in air conditioning, so it will behoove you to contact the experts–they can help you understand whether the situation you’re looking at requires repairs or a complete air-conditioning replacement. 

Air-conditioning replacement may seem daunting and expensive, but’s not: it’s actually one of the most affordable, fiscally smart, and energy-conscious steps a homeowner can take to save money, preserve the environment and increase the home’s resale value. Frankly, it doesn’t make much sense to keep throwing money at an old or poorly functioning A/C system. Today’s new Energy Star air conditioners are so much more energy-efficient than older models–even those from as recent as seven years ago–that they will save you significant amounts of money on your utility bills. Air-conditioning replacement makes sense if:

  • Your air conditioner is more than ten years old,
  • Your air conditioner’s efficiency rating (SEER) is eight or lower,
  • Repairing your existing air conditioner will cost you more than half as much as the cost of replacing it,
  • Or the air conditioner does not run properly and can’t be fixed

Air-conditioning replacement requires planning. Oversized A/C units and undersized ducts are so common in homes today that your HVAC contractor should plan for correcting inadequate airflow. Increasing duct sizes, reducing the air conditioner’s capacity, or replacing the ducts entirely are all possible options. 

If you’re looking into air-conditioner replacement for your home, you should consider the benefits of a new air conditioner, as well as the impact on your wallet and your home comfort. Have an expert check out your current air conditioner–at Rinaldi’s Air Conditioning, we can help you evaluate your options and figure out whether you need air-conditioning replacement or simply repairs. If you do need air-conditioning replacement, we can guide you through the whole process.

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