Annual Service: What To Expect From Your Contractor

Annual Service: What To Expect From Your Contractor

Jan 23, 2014

One factor that can greatly impact home comfort is the health of your heating and cooling system. Both HVAC experts and the U.S. Department of Energy recommend that you schedule preseason annual service appointments to keep your system in tip-top shape and working as energy efficiently as possible. This also helps prevent untimely expensive problems from occurring and extends the life of your HVAC system. If you didn’t get your heating system serviced this fall, there’s no time like the present. Find out what a qualified contractor will do during an annual service appointment.

Annual Service Appointment Checklist

  • The heating and cooling controls will be inspected for safe and proper operation.
  • Voltage and current on motors will be measured, and all electrical connections will be tightened. This ensures safe functioning and prevents the breakdown of major components.
  • Every moving part will be lubricated. This prevents friction and wasting electricity.
  • The thermostat settings will be examined to make sure they keep your home comfortable while you’re there, and if you have a programmable model, goes into energy-saving mode while you are away.
  • Air filters will be checked to make sure they’re not clogged.
  • The condensate drain will be looked at to make sure nothing’s clogging it.

Additionally, in Just Your Heating System, the Following Is Done:

  • The gas pressure, heat exchanger, burner combustion, and gas or oil connections will be examined to ensure safe and proper operation.

In Just Your Cooling System, the Following Is Also Done:

  • The refrigerant level in your central air conditioner will be looked at and adjusted, if needed. This helps your system remain as energy efficient as possible.
  • The blower components will be cleaned and adjusted to make sure the airflow is functioning optimally.
  • The condenser and evaporator coils will be cleaned to make sure there’s no dirt hindering performance.

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