Assess Your Attic -- Is It Time to Increase Your Insulation?

Assess Your Attic — Is It Time to Increase Your Insulation?

Jul 17, 2014

Are you searching for more and better ways to reduce the energy used in your Orlando home? If you have already taken the right air sealing steps for your home, basement, and attic, your next best step is to inspect your attic insulation levels and increase your insulation if needed. Attics are easily accessible for insulation additions, and even minor improvements in insulation levels can translate to increased household comfort and HVAC efficiency.

How do I know if I need more?

You can check the status of your insulation by taking a quick look across the span of your attic flooring. Your floor joists should be buried underneath a good layer of insulation and there should be no high or low spots. If this describes your attic, then you probably have enough insulation and adding more won’t translate to a cost-effective change. If your floor joists are exposed, and/or there doesn’t seem to be an equal amount of insulation around your attic eaves, then you should probably increase your insulation. You can add new insulation on top of your current material, and use rafter vents to increase your insulation at your attic’s eaves.

What’s the right amount to add?

R-Values are what help homeowners determine accurate insulation levels. An R-Value is a measurement of a certain insulation’s capability of resisting heat flow or transfer. Higher R-Values are indicative of a more superior thermal performing insulation. Orlando homeowners will want to insulate attics to R-38, meaning 10 to 14 inches depending on what type of insulation you choose.

Which insulation should I use?

The insulation you use is entirely up to you! If you already have attic insulation installed, you can either use more of the same or add a different type on top. Fiberglass batts or blankets can be added atop of loose fill, and vice-versa. However, loose fill insulation does require an industry-specific blowing machine for installation. Contact your local HVAC technician for more information on this.

To learn more about how to increase your insulation, contact your local experts at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions, serving Orlando and surrounding areas.

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