Basic Back Up Sump Pump Guide for Your Home

Basic Back Up Sump Pump Guide for Your Home

Sep 4, 2014

Sump pumps are devices that are designed to prevent or minimize the effect of a flood to your home by removing water. A sensor will monitor the water level and activate the pump if necessary. If you lose power, the pump will not function unless you have a battery backup sump pump or portable generator. The backup battery will automatically activate when power is lost. Rechargeable batteries are available for some backup systems. These are slightly more expensive, but will last longer.

Advantages of a backup system

Backup systems that automatically activate during a power failure can provide peace of mind to a homeowner who has irregular work hours or is away for extended periods of time. You will know that your home is protected from flood waters even if you are away on vacation.

The sump pump is located in the lowest part of the basement. If the pump becomes submerged under water, it can be dangerous to reactivate. The backup feature will help to prevent this occurrence before it is too late. Since many people use basement space for storage, a properly installed pump backup system can protect items stored in the basement from being damaged by water during flood conditions. High water may occur quickly leaving no time to remove items from basement storage.

Features of backup systems

  • Automatic activation
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy installation
  • Rechargeable batteries

Many rechargeable backup battery packs can be purchased from home improvement centers. A spare battery can be kept charged for added security. The spare can be quickly installed in emergency situations. If you already have an emergency generator, it would be beneficial to investigate the possibility of a hookup to your sump pump.

A backup system for your sump pump also adds to the safety of pets at home during the hours that you are away. The peace of mind is priceless for any homeowner.

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