How Can Radiant Heating Benefit Your Home?

How Can Radiant Heating Benefit Your Home?

Jan 16, 2014

Radiant heating is an alternative form of home climate control that supplies heat directly to the floors, walls or ceilings of the room. The heat rises or radiates outward, providing even, consistent heating from the bottom to the top of the room.

The most common type of radiant heating is hydronic. In a hydronic system, hot water produced by a boiler is circulated through pipes installed under the surface of the floor or walls. As the hot water moves through the pipes, the heat radiates upward, warming occupants of the room.

Radiant heating provides significant benefits for homeowners who choose these systems. Advantages and benefits of radiant heating systems include:

  • Improved heating efficiency and cost savings: Radiant heating is typically more energy efficient than either baseboard heating or forced-air heating. Since radiant systems do not use ductwork to distribute heat, there will be no significant losses of heat and energy from the ducts.
  • Better indoor air quality: Radiant heating does not use forced air to distribute heat, so there’s no chance that particulates and other contaminants can be sent into your indoor air. This leads to cleaner indoor air and less chance that allergies, asthma, or other medical conditions could be aggravated.
  • Improved room aesthetics and design options: Since radiant heating pipes are embedded in walls or floors, there are no obvious vents, registers or radiators. This improves the aesthetic appeal of a room while also leaving more available space for interior design features.
  • More options for water heating: Radiant systems can use multiple types of fuel sources for heating the water, including gas or oil-burning boilers, wood-burning boilers or solar water heaters.
  • Reduced electricity use: Radiant heating systems use minimal amounts of electricity, which can significantly decrease your monthly power expenses. Radiant systems also promote energy conservation and help ease demands on the local power grid.

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