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Why is My AC Unit Not Turning On?

By Bobby Rinaldi

If your AC will not turn on it could be caused by built-up ice, a wiring issue, low refrigerant levels, a dirty air filter and…

What Is a Dual Inverter HVAC Unit?

By Bobby Rinaldi

Dual inverter HVAC systems are a newer technology. If you have an older HVAC unit, it likely won’t be a dual inverter due to its…

How Long Do HVAC Systems Last?

By Bobby Rinaldi

Having a proper HVAC system is integral to your home running smoothly. Installing a new one is quite an investment, which makes it difficult to…

How Much Insulation Does My Home Need?

By Bobby Rinaldi

It’s important to have the right amount of insulation in order to keep your home both warm in the winter and cool in the summer.…

Signs You Need to Contact an Electrician

By Bobby Rinaldi

Electrical problems can be dangerous. Thousands of homes across the United States catch fire every year due to electrical issues. These fires can cause thousands…

What does R Value Mean in Insulation?

By Bobby Rinaldi

No matter where you live, whether it’s in Florida or Alaska, your home will be the most comfortable if you have the right amount of…

10 Signs Your Home Has a Hidden Plumbing Problem

By Bobby Rinaldi

Some plumbing problems are accompanied by an obvious leak so it’s immediately clear that you need a professional plumber. Not all plumbing issues are visible,…

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

By Bobby Rinaldi

It’s important to keep your plumbing system in peak condition. This is because if something goes wrong with your plumbing, it can go really, really…