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The Rinaldi's Blog

by Scott Hudson, Vice-President

What to Know About Boiler Safety

If you've purchased an Orlando-area home with a boiler, or you're considering installing radiant heating, it's important to learn how this kind of system works and its upkeep needs. Most boilers burn gas to heat water inside a tank, which gets pumped through...

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Avoiding HVAC Airflow Problems

Airflow problems can affect nearly all aspects of heating and cooling performance, efficiency and reliability. Your furnace, air conditioner, blower and ductwork are all sized and designed to work in concert with a precise airflow specification. In a typical home, at...

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3 Tips for Saving Money in January

After splurging during the holidays, direct your impulses for saving money to making your home more energy efficient. Investing your time and money in this direction pays you back winter and summer in lower energy costs and keeps you more comfortable longer without...

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Ornaments Inspired by HVAC

The holidays are coming! Time to decorate your home with wreaths, trees, snowmen, and more. If you're a bit crafty, you can make all those things yourself, with odds and ends you have around the house. And if you're feeling really ambitious, you can make them all...

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Give the Gift of Warmth: HVAC Gifts

The winter months are a wonderful time for family and friends, but let's not forget that the exchanging of gifts play a big role over the holidays. If you've been looking for the perfect present for someone in your life, we suggest one of these HVAC gifts to help your...

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