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Bryant’s Updated Smart Sensor for Evolution Zoning

The smart sensor connects to a mobile app
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May 31, 2022

Bryant, a company that manufactures heating and cooling systems and is headquartered in Indianapolis announced in 2020 a smart zoning sensor for use with Bryan’ts Evolution™ System. The Evolution™ System is a complete heating and cooling system that is controllable with Bryant’s new updated smart sensor.

What Is Bryant’s Smart Sensor?

Bryant’s new smart sensor is designed to connect to its Evolution™ System. This new sensor is wall-mounted and offers homeowners more control over their HVAC system. The updated smart sensor enables homeowners to control the temperature of their home by zones.

What Is Zoning Control?

With an HVAC system, zoning control allows you to divide your home into difference sections and control the temperature separately in each one. If there are rooms that you spend more time in, you can adjust those to be a more comfortable temperature without needing to maintain that temperature in other rooms. This means that you can prioritize your HVAC system’s resources so that you’re not wasting energy and money cooling or heating areas of your house that you’re not currently using.

How Does the Smart Sensor Control the HVAC System?

a person’s hand adjusting the temperature on a smart thermostat

The smart sensor takes the place of the thermostat and connects to eligible Evolution™ System devices. Then, the homeowner can control the zones either from the sensor itself, which is mounted on the wall in the home, or they can use a mobile app. The mobile app is useful so that you can adjust the thermostat to your optimal temperature while you’re not even home. That way, you can leave the heat or air conditioning off while you’re gone and adjust it before you return to save money on energy costs.

What Is the Evolution™ System?

Bryant’s Evolution™ System is a complete HVAC system that includes:

  • Air conditioner
  • Humidifier
  • Air purifier
  • Ventilator
  • Gas pump
  • Evaporator coil
  • Smart sensor

You don’t have to have the entire system. Any parts of the system you do have can connect to the smart sensor and be controlled via mobile app. If any part of your HVAC system isn’t part of the Evolution™ System, then it may not be compatible with the sensor and therefore can’t be controlled in the same way by the mobile app.

How Does the Evolution™ System Save Money?

Any smart HVAC system should be able to save homeowners money the same way that the Evolution™ System does. Such a system’s zoning capabilities can save up to 10% on the costs of home energy. This is because you only have to worry about heating and cooling the parts of the house that you’re actually using. WIthout a smart system, homeowners would need to heat or cool the entire building in order for certain rooms to be warm or cool enough.

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