Tips for Safeguarding Against Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Tips for Safeguarding Against Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Jul 8, 2014

Carbon monoxide (CO) is something that every homeowner should be worried about. This deadly gas is also odorless and colorless, which makes it impossible for humans to detect. There are, however, some tips you can follow for safeguarding against carbon monoxide.

Maintain Your Appliances and Equipment

Carbon monoxide is produced as a result of burning fuel in the presence of limited oxygen. One cause of an insufficient oxygen supply is a    malfunctioning piece of equipment. You need to inspect and maintain anything in your home that burns fuel on a regular basis. This includes your HVAC system, gas stoves or fireplaces, lawn care equipment and anything other equipment you might have.

Operate in Open Areas

Safeguarding against carbon monoxide starts with proper use. Never use a machine that burns fuel in an enclosed area that could trap CO. Your car produces carbon monoxide everyday, but for the most part it drifts away as long as it’s out on the road.

Get a Detector

Even the smartest homeowners can’t guarantee zero danger from carbon monoxide. It could come from an unexpected source like a nearby home or your garage. The only way to protect yourself against CO once it has been produced is with a CO detector. These detectors should be installed on every floor to constantly monitor CO levels. If they go off, get out of the home as soon as possible and call the fire department. Similarly, if you ever notice symptoms of CO poisoning like migraines and confusion, be on the safe side and leave your home.

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