Changing Your Air Filter Saves You Big on Energy Bills

How to Remember to Change an Air Filter

Apr 27, 2017

How to Remember to Change an Air FilterBelieve it or not, the air filter for your home’s HVAC system is one of its most important parts. It keeps the indoor components clean, prevents excessive wear on the parts and maintains the system’s energy efficiency. However, you’re not alone if you forget to check and change it routinely.

These tips might help you remember to check and change the filter on a regular basis. Neglecting it is the primary cause of high energy costs, premature part failure and reduced indoor air quality.

  • When you get your utility bills. Since heating and cooling account for half your energy bill, your HVAC system and the weather probably cross your mind as you look at the gas and electric bills. If you’ve been running the system with a dirty filter, chances are they’re higher than they need to be. Check the filter on the day you receive the bill.
  • Use automated reminders. Your phone may have an app that triggers a reminder once a month. Don’t clear the reminder until you’ve had a chance to look the filter over, especially during the peak cooling and heating seasons.
  • Don’t hide the spare filters. Instead of tucking the new filters away in a closet or the garage, put them in an obvious place and change where you keep them monthly so the location doesn’t become a habit.
  • Reward yourself. Since a dirty air filter raises energy bills, reward yourself for checking and changing it routinely. Give yourself permission to lower the temperature a degree or two indoors as a reward everyone will appreciate during the long, hot summers in Orlando.

    A dirty air filter increases the time it takes your air conditioner to cool your home. When you keep the system well maintained and clean, it uses less electricity. You might find that your bills are even lower compared to what they’d be if you neglected A/C maintenance.

Doing whatever it takes to remember to change the air filter keeps your system running as durably and efficiently as possible. To learn more, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions, providing trusted HVAC for Orlando-area homeowners.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “3402423/Pixabay”