Should You Consider Adding Ductless Mini Splits to Your Home?

Should You Consider Adding Ductless Mini Splits to Your Home?

Dec 1, 2015

Should You Consider Adding Ductless Mini Splits to Your Home?If you are undertaking a home-improvement project that requires adding space heating and cooling, you may have found it perplexing trying to choose the best air conditioning system for your needs. Extending or modifying forced-air systems isn’t always practical, and wall units are often an unattractive option. If all this sounds familiar, check out the benefits of adding a high-efficiency ductless mini split to your Orlando home.

Adding Ductless Mini Splits

As more homeowners are discovering the many benefits ductless mini splits afford, the popularity of ductless systems seems to be contagious. Perhaps you have spotted a quiet and comfortable ductless air-handling unit (AHU) in an office, a hotel or the home of a friend or relative and wondered what it was.

The compact components of a ductless mini split consist of an outdoor unit, a wall- or ceiling-mounted AHU and a thin conduit containing the power supply, condensate tubing and refrigerant lines. That’s it—comfortable and efficient home cooling in a box!

Benefits of Ductless Cooling and Heating

The reason ductless systems are compatible with so many heating and cooling applications is because that’s exactly what they were designed to do. The sleek AHU provides a built-in zoning system in your home so you don’t have to run the HVAC system if it’s not needed. This feature alone can save substantial energy year-round and provide comfort to suit the occupant’s needs.

Select ductless mini splits use inverter-driven technology which maintains zone temperature within one degree of your setting. By circulating zoned airflow at slower but longer cycles, mini splits act as air cleaners with multi-phase filtration and help keep indoor humidity at a comfortable and healthy level.

Additionally, ductless mini splits may generally be installed in one day. It depends on your system configuration and the number of indoor AHUs you install. For example, you may install an AHU for a new addition, guest room and garage, and connect all three AHUs to the same outdoor unit.

To learn more about a ductless mini split heating and cooling option for your Orlando area home, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions.

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