How to Decide if Your Ductwork Needs to Be Replaced

How to Decide if Your Ductwork Needs to be Replaced

Dec 22, 2015

How to Decide if Your Ductwork Needs to be ReplacedOne of the deciding factors about whether to replace your ductwork, or at least have it repaired or modified, is the quality of home comfort. Problem air ducts contribute to uneven temperatures in your home that no thermostat adjustment can efficiently solve. Read on to learn what good duct design is all about, and if your ducts need attention.

Good Duct Design

Your heat pump or furnace and A/C may heat and cool the return airflow, but it’s your ductwork that distributes conditioned air to your home. Good duct design is imperative for maximum home comfort and energy efficiency.

Good duct design entails proper sizing of the duct runs to each room of your home. A large living room, for example, will need a larger air supply than a small bedroom. Additionally, only industry-approved ducts and sealing materials should be used. This includes using ductwork throughout (i.e. no building cavities used to convey airflow), a strong yet flexible sealant, heat-resistant metal tape and joint collars where appropriate.

When to Replace or Repair Ducts

If your home is older and you are upgrading your heating or cooling system, it’s to your advantage to replace the ductwork. A new duct system installed by a reputable HVAC pro will give you years of efficient home comfort and lighten the load on your new heat pump.

Mold is always a concern for Central Florida homeowners. The air ducts are equally susceptible to mold contamination as any other part of your home. Mold-infested insulation in flex ducts calls for a complete replacement. It’s possible to clean metal ducts if the mold contamination isn’t too great. Make sure you hire an HVAC pro that uses industry best practices for duct cleaning, or you may find yourself with a bigger problem on your hands than before.

Duct repairs are suitable when the overall integrity of the air ducts is sound, and you only need to seal a few leaky joints or replace minimal spans of tangled flex or damaged metal air ducts.

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