Designing An Efficient Zoning System Requires That You Follow 5 Guidelines

Designing An Efficient Zoning System Requires That You Follow 5 Guidelines

Oct 9, 2012

If you’re interested in designing an efficient zoning system for your Orlando home, you will certainly be pleased by all the benefits that come with it. Keep in mind that the only way to enjoy your new zoning system to the fullest is to implement five guidelines for establishing perfect zones based on your home’s unique requirements. Here are some important points to keep in mind.

  • Zone each floor separately: The ground floor and the upstairs are likely to vary greatly in temperature because warm air naturally rises while cool air sinks. Encourage a more even temperature between floors by designing an efficient zoning system with this critical guideline.
  • Never put different construction types in the same zone: For instance, if you add a new addition to your home, it should have its own thermostat because the insulation is likely to be better than other rooms. That way, you can enjoy the height of comfort no matter where you spend your time.
  • Give entirely internal rooms their own zone: Most rooms feature perimeter walls so they can have windows. If spaces larger than powder rooms are entirely internal to the structure, group these rooms together because they are less affected by outdoor temperature changes than rooms with perimeter walls.
  • Group rooms with similar solar heat gain together: For example, east-facing rooms can be grouped together while west-facing rooms have a separate zone. Solar heat gain at different times of day makes this guideline for designing an efficient zoning system necessary for optimal comfort.
  • Install at least two registers in every zone: Proper airflow is important for home comfort and equalized pressure. Having a minimum of two registers in every space ensures these qualities are maintained even if one register becomes blocked by furniture, rugs or a napping pet.

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